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He hands the phone to Garnet. Greg asks if the two know Kevin, and Connie explains the events of what happened when they formed Stevonnie before. When Steven uses shapeshifting to make himself look older, Connie is impressed and amazed at his change. Rate This. Top-Rated Episodes S5. Steven manages to poof Spinel with the scythe. Maheswaran's car swerves out of control and crashes into Greg's van. This startles Stevonnie, making them lose focus and unfuse as they fell. Sadie Miller voice Shelby Rabara

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Steven starts to get worried due to his mother giving up her physical form to make him. Crazy Credits. Greg saves them but breaks his leg in the process. Three bear brothers do whatever they can to be a part of human society by doing what everyone around them does.

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He tells her that he saw her during a parade the year before, but couldn't find her to give her back the bracelet, so he kept it in case he met her again. Steven Universe: The Movie takes place two years after the events of the series finale " Change Your Mind ", and follows the Crystal Gems as they attempt to save all organic life on Earth from a deranged Gem with a history with Steven's mother. Pearl is surprised by Steven and loses focus.

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Steven introduces Connie. Animation Adventure Drama. Rate This.

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Steven answers the door, appearing to be bald, asking what a lovely day it is. The Crystal Gems walk in, and Garnet confirms the impending snowstorm with her future vision. The New Crystal Gems proceed to wash the car, utilizing their abilities and acting their roles as they do. The film has been released among various international Cartoon Network feeds. However, she clarifies her answer as a "not now" instead of a "no" and assures Steven that they have plenty of time before they take such a step and returns home on Lion to continue studying. When the training begins, the Holo-Pearls fuse together, and Steven and Connie perform a brief fusion dance before fusing into Stevonnie. Later on the same day, Connie and Steven are stargazing when she decides to confess that she was worried that they would not be able to grow up together and that she was relieved to see that she was wrong. Bismuth recognizes Spinel's weapon as a "Rejuvenator", a device used to reset the minds of rebellious gems back to their default state.

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The two find tracks in a humanoid shape along with the Corrupted Gem's paw-shaped tracks. They play around in the snow before Greg suggests they leave immediately so they can beat the storm. After singing her a special song, Steven proposes that he and Connie marry and attend college as Stevonnie.

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Some awkward conversation occurs, after which Connie asks Steven to help her find the restroom. He saw her drop her bracelet. He then tells Connie and Steven a story about him and Rose and tells Connie if she ever needs someone to talk to that he is okay with talking with her.

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